Okay, some of these questions haven’t been asked much, and some are only posed by me for informational purposes. Still, this seems like a good time-saver and an opportunity for informality.

Q: Isn’t telling me what to think sort of arrogant?
A: Has that ever stopped anyone else? That said, my intent is to offer support and guidance to political thinkers rather than to dictate orthodoxy and compliance. The blog’s inaugural post spells out my motives in ample detail.

Q: Why are your posts so long?
A: I write with the intention of expressing coherent perspectives on complex, often controversial, subjects. Also, I generally like nuance. That said, the plan is to produce works in the 1000-1500 word range. Is that really too much to read in pursuit of clarity on these topics?

Q: No, really, why are your posts so #@%$^ long?
A: Actually, I believe this length is just right for an online experience. I understand why many readers are uncomfortable consuming books through computer screens. However, these are not books. They wouldn’t even constitute chapters in books of any heft. So buckle down and read already! My hope is that the experience will be pleasant for all who take these essays individually. Make a bookmark and return whenever you’re in the mood for this sort of thing, and I’ll try to earn your interest.

Q: What should I think about <insert topic here>?
A: If I haven’t covered it already, drop a comment somewhere to express your interest. Maybe I’ll reply to the comment, maybe I’ll write a full entry on that topic, or maybe not. Still, there is no harm in asking.

Q: How come this FAQ is so brief and uninformative?
A: Well, this blog is but a babe right now. If some people read and some of those people pose questions, then there will be more material for a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Q: What do you think of the term “blog” anyway?
A: It is wrong in so many ways. It sounds like something slimy and dead, when the medium has the potential to be so much more. “Weblog” was kinda cool back when there were very few of them. I toyed with the idea myself as early as ’96, but I was still a little too young to take my own views so seriously. I don’t know that a mishmash of quirky musings from me would be sufficiently charming, and I do know that the mundane details of my daily existence are rarely worthy of documentation. Somehow this effort seems worthwhile though. I just wish the term for projects that take this form was more suited to its nature.

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